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The Omega-9 Solutions Team

At Dow AgroSciences, the Omega-9 Solutions Team of culinary professionals, food scientists and marketing specialists understands that the oil and shortening needs of each restaurant and food manufacturer are often unique, with specific application requirements. To meet this need, the Omega-9 Solutions Team offers the technical and product formulation expertise to provide the best oil solution.

v Superior Product Development

In food manufacturing and processing, changing a fat or oils system is not a simple drop-in solution. Whether used in frying, in a shortening, as a liquid oil or a spray oil, each solution requires a significant amount of product formulation research and development. The Omega-9 Solutions Team has both the proficiency and capabilities to assist in this process and be the solutions provider to food manufacturers.

This group of specialists leverages Dow AgroSciences’ technical knowledge to offer a superior product and solution. The team provides application development and analytical support, including nutrition, sensory, shelf life and other product attribute analyses to assist manufacturers in developing the right product formulations. In addition, the Omega-9 Solutions Team offers sophisticated equipment in its state-of-the-art Culinary Research Center for product testing and analyses.

The Omega-9 Solutions Team also can offer commercial expertise to complete consumer and market research to support food manufacturers and processors as they position products in the market.

v Reliable Supply and Consistent Processing

The Omega-9 Solutions Team can develop your customized solution that is sourced from a reliable oil supply. Because Dow AgroSciences developed the canola and sunflower seeds that are used to produce Omega-9 Oils, they have the unique position to understand and engage the entire value chain, from seed to shelf.

Canola is now the second largest oil by volume in the United States. To respond to this growing demand, Omega-9 Oils have doubled production since 2007 to more than a billion pounds per annum, and plan to more than double again by 2015. This means that the Omega-9 Solutions Team can help restaurants and food manufacturers optimize their sourcing and supply.

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