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To meet industry demand for healthier oil solutions, Omega-9 Canola Oil is readily available through most major oilseed processors. Our oil is sold under a variety of brand names. Suppliers package Omega-9 Oils exclusively for use in foodservice and food manufacturing; the oil is not yet available at the retail level.


As consumer demand for healthy oils has increased, so have acres planted to produce Omega-9 Oils. Omega-9 Canola Oil originates from Nexera™ brand canola seeds. Nexera is grown on more than 1.5 million acres across North America. Since 2005, canola consumption has doubled making it the second most widely used vegetable oil in the U.S. In that same time, Omega-9 Oils have doubled annual production. In fact, annual Omega-9 Canola Oil production is more than 1 billion pounds.

Dow AgroSciences partners with major companies to provide a consistent supply of Omega-9 Canola Oil to customers. The companies that process Omega-9 Canola Oil — Bunge, ADM, Richardson, Louis Dreyfus and Viterra — collectively handle more than 80% of total North American canola production.

Omega-9 Oils are available through most major national suppliers under their own brand names.


For more information about Omega-9 Oils in North America, contact Dow AgroSciences. Dow AgroSciences also is in the process of establishing strategic partnerships to supply Omega-9 Oils in Europe. To find out more please contact Richard Burrell, Dow AgroSciences Healthy Oil Market Manager-Europe, telephone +44 (0) 7739-875604, or email

®Nutra-Clear NT Ultra is a registered trademark of Bunge North America
®Canola Harvest HiLo is a registered trademark of Richardson Oilseed Limited
®Frymax is a trademark of Stratas Foods
®Mel-Fry Free Canola is a trademark of Ventura Foods, LLC
®verraUltra9 is a trademark of Viterra Inc.

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