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Ventura Foods

Ventura Foods

Ventura Foods is dedicated to the success of foodservice operators in all segments of the industry. By providing the highest quality products and services, designed to support business growth and innovative solutions for consumer food needs, Ventura Foods helps customers fuel their passion for great food. The extensive foodservice product portfolio offered by Ventura Foods includes vegetable oils and shortenings; margarines and butter blends; premium salad oils and dressings; and sauces, bases and pan coatings.

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40 Pointe Drive, Brea, CA 92821

Mel-Fry Advanced

Mel-Fry® Advanced Liquid Fry Oil

Mel-Fry® Advanced is built to stand tall in the heart of your dinner rush! Mel-Fry Advanced offers superior food quality for even the most delicate of fried foods and exceptional stability for up to double the fry life of traditional vegetable oil. Mel-Fry Advanced provides the lowest true oil cost in the Mel-Fry line and contains zero grams trans fat per serving.

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