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How Seed Becomes Oil • A Journey in Plant Breeding

A Journey in Plant Breeding

For generations, farmers have been naturally altering the genes in crops by selecting those with the most desirable traits to grow again. Today, scientists use genetic information to decide which plants to cross-breed and create better performing crops, a process Dow AgroSciences uses to develop the fatty acid profile for Omega-9 Canola Oil.

While the fatty acid profile in Omega-9 Canola Oil was developed through traditional plant breeding, select varieties contain specific agronomic traits through genetic modification. GMO refers to a plant that has been modified with a gene from an outside source, usually because the original plant species does not contain the desired characteristics. Scroll through an interactive experience to see how Dow AgroSciences used traditional plant breeding to develop Omega-9 Oils, a healthier, high-performing category of oils that meets the needs of today’s food industry.


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