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Pop Weaver® Pops to the Top in Healthy Snacking

For more than 80 years, Weaver Popcorn Company, Inc. has provided America and the world with one of the all-time favorite snack foods — popcorn. The family-owned and led company has expanded significantly from the days when founder Ira Weaver sold popcorn from a single horse-drawn wagon; Weaver now provides about 30% of the world’s popcorn with their Pop Weaver and Trail’s End® brands.

Since popcorn is their only product, Weaver Popcorn constantly strives to make the best-tasting, healthiest popcorn at the lowest possible price. It had been nearly 20 years since the last better-for-you popcorn innovation, "low fat" popcorn, was introduced, and Weaver Popcorn was looking for a revolutionary solution that would enhance taste and functionality, while making their oil blend healthier. Other popcorn manufacturers removed trans fats by using palm oil or substitutes, which dramatically increased saturated or "bad" fats. Weaver Popcorn searched for a different solution — and found the answer through collaboration with the Omega-9 Solutions Team at Dow AgroSciences, which provided application development insights, analytical support and commercial expertise. Together, Weaver Popcorn and the Omega-9 Solutions Team developed healthier versions of Pop Weaver’s signature microwave flavors: Butter, Extra Butter and Light Butter. These improved formulations entirely replaced the existing product line. The enhanced popcorn features Omega-9 Canola Oil, which provides zero trans fat, significantly reduced saturated fat and is uniquely high in heart-healthy monounsaturated fat.

"Popcorn itself is a naturally healthy whole grain and with Omega-9 Canola Oil, we found a way to deliver the great buttery taste in a healthier manner," said Mike Weaver, President and CEO, Weaver Popcorn Company, Inc. "With most ‘healthy’ snacks, you typically have to give up flavor, but our new microwave popcorn really is the best of all worlds."

Just like butter and popcorn, the partnership between Dow AgroSciences and Weaver Popcorn is a delicious combination. Weaver Popcorn is thrilled with how the Omega-9 Solutions Team helped their business "pop up."

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Weaver believes in "Flavor First," so delivering the rich, buttery taste Pop Weaver is known for was a critical benchmark during product development. In internal tests, the Pop Weaver products with Omega-9 Canola Oil were perceived to have significantly better butter flavor than not only the current Pop Weaver but also key competitor products. Weaver conducted research with the most discriminating popcorn eaters across the country — and kept making improvements until those consumers were satisfied. Omega-9 Canola Oil helped contribute to the improved taste because it has a lower melting point than competitive palm or soybean oil, so the butter flavor spreads more evenly throughout the whole bag of popcorn.

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®Pop Weaver and Trail's End are registered trademarks of Weaver Popcorn Company, Inc.

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